Pollen Extraction Only


We will extract the pollen from your honey or bee pollen pellets and send the finished sample anywhere in the US. Please contact for rates to ship outside of the US.


Post-order packaging instructions:

Mail at least a quarter cup of honey (per sample) in secure containers with adequate padding. Screw tops or sealed pour top containers are preferred and we suggest double sealing containers using a ziplock bag. You may submit extracted honey that has been screened of any comb and other matter, but do not pressure or fine filter honey before sending, as this could remove the pollen.

Please also include your order confirmation number (provided in order confirmation e-mail) and your name in your shipment. If you are mailing multiple samples, please include a sample inventory and clearly label each sample.

On completion of the analyses, we will send your report to the email address you provided during check out. Current turnaround time is less than 4 weeks. Please email for a custom turnaround time if you are sending more than 4 samples.

Please check your confirmation e-mail after your order for additional shipment instructions.


*How should I sample my honey? (to go on product pages):
1. Sieve honey minimally to retain maximum pollen. Any sieving removes some pollen, but you may remove wax and other debris using a ~500-micron screen. If your honey has already been sieved and you are concerned about your analysis, email info@mellifloral.com.
2. Be mindful of contamination. Pollen is everywhere! Immediately bottle honey for analysis during extraction to prevent airborne pollen contamination. Ensure your extraction and sampling equipment is clean to avoid contamination.
3. Stir your honey before sampling. Pollen can settle to the bottom of a container. When collecting from a large container like a bucket, stir before sampling to avoid collecting from the top layer, which may have lower pollen content.
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